(VIDEO) Demonstrators leave after presenting demands, call for HR's resignation

NEWS 31.03.202316:27 0 komentara

The protest of citizens calling for resignation of international community's High Representative Christian Schmidt finished on Friday afternoon, a few hours after the crowd gathered in front of the Office of the High Representative and presented their main demands. Pročitaj više

Head of the Krug 99 association of intellectuals Adil Kulenovic said that the main stances and demands of the protest include the request for resignation of Christian Schmidt and that the Office of the High Representative stops hindering the process of EU integration “through its undemocratic decisions.”

They also demanded a “full democracy, full protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, even if it means the complete change of the Dayton agreement.”

“We do not allow the suspension of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina; We do now allow the suspension and denial of human rights carried out by the OHR and certain foreign embassies: We reject all forms of discrimination of all citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina on any ground,” are some of the demands.

Azra Zornic, the appellant before the European Court of Human Rights, addressed the crowd, conveying a message to western leaders.

“We demand the resignation of Christian Schmidt, who has proven himself unworthy of the position of High Representative. We demand full democracy, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, even if it requires a complete change of the Dayton Agreement, which has become a brake on the development of BiH,” said Zornic.

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Gradimir Gojer, renowned theatre director, who was unable to attend the gathering, said that Schmidt is the enemy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Before they left the site, the demonstrators said that this was a warning and that a more mass gathering is not ruled out in the near future.

The protest comes after Schmidt, the envoy appointed by the UN who oversees the implementation of the peace process in the country, used his powers and imposed changes to Bosnia's Election Law and to the Constitution of the Federation entity on the election night, October 2, which many assessed as undemocratic.