30th anniversary of crime against Croats in Krizancevo Selo

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A Holy Mass in the church of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandic in Dubravica, then a column of memory from the church to the memorial, accompanied by laying of wreaths and lighting candles at the Krizancevo Selo memorial and a funeral service for all fallen veterans and civilians, marked the 30th anniversary of the war crime committed by the BiH Army against the Croats in the said village. Pročitaj više

The Holy Mass for the victims of Krizancevo Selo, as well as the funeral service at the memorial, was led by the Vitez pastor Fr. Velimir Bavrka, who called for unity, saying that only in this way can people survive in the future.

Along with the families of those tragically killed in 1993, numerous delegations laid flowers and lit candles at the memorial in a peaceful column of memory, viteski.ba portal wrote.

Krizancevo Selo, near Vitez, is the place of the largest execution site of Croats in BiH. In just one day, on December 22, 1993, 64 members of the Croat Defence Council (HVO) and Croat civilians were killed, including women and unarmed elderly people.

Eight former members and commanders of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina were indicted for the crime in Krizancevo Selo in 2019. This year, a first-instance verdict was issued, which sentenced a former member of the ARBiH Almir Sarajlic to 20 years in prison, while the others were acquitted.

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