Croat Presidency member: we will have to endure each other

NEWS 11.04.2018 14:58
Source: N1

Croat member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Dragan Covic, said he will not comment Tuesday’s accusation made by his Bosniak colleague Bakir Izetbegovic, who claimed Covic did not behave fairly towards Bosniaks during his mandate.

“We are colleagues and we will have to endure each other during the remaining 5-6 months together,” Covic said, referring to the rest of their mandates in the presidency.  

Izetbegovic previously said he did not attend the International Economic Fair in Mostar because he Covic did not want him there.  

“I received an invitation that had not mentioned that we (the Presidency) are sponsors of the event. What was my role there supposed to be?” Izetbegovic asked on Tuesday.  

Covic replied that the invitations were sent by the organizers of the fair and not by him and that everybody got the same text.  

“We have been attending the event after we received the same invitation two or three years ago and so did Izetbegović three years ago,” Covic said.  

He said he believed that Izetbegović had already chosen to behave this way a years ago and regarding various issues. He never consulted the other members of the Presidency when he attended trilateral meetings in Istanbul and Ankara.  

“I could list hundreds of issues,” Covic said and explained that “basically this is all about making sure nothing happens regarding important issues such as the changes in the election law.”  

Covic said he is expecting pressure to increase on him regarding the election law changes but that he was determined to make sure Bosnia’s nations have legitimate representatives in the government.  

Covic’s party wants the law to be changes so that it does not allow one nation to elect representatives of the other.