Israel awards Bosnian family as Righteous Among the Nations

NEWS 29.05.2018 21:08
Source: N1

Descendants of Bosnian Prohic family received in Sarajevo on Tuesday the Righteous Among the Nations, a recognition of the State of Israel for non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews from extermination during the WWII Holocaust.

The Prohic family, originally from Bosnian northern town of Gracanica, had saved a Jewish girl, Nada Kolman, a one-year-old back at that time from certain death. 76-year old Kolman, who now lives in Australia under the name Avive Fox and who has arrived in Sarajevo to attend the award ceremony, learned the whole story about her saviours only recently.

She was told five years ago that a man from Bosnia was looking for her. After they met, Rejhan Prohic told Nada about how his grandparents had saved her.

Sabrija Prohic, his wife Sadeta, daughter Esma and Sabrija's brother Avdija, were all posthumously recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations and were awarded for hiding Kolman in their home after she had lost her entire family in the war.

“My family got the recognition it deserves. It means a lot to me. It matters that 70 years later someone rewards them for a good deed,” said Rejhan.

This was the 54th such award bestowed upon someone from Bosnia and Herzegovina.