Gradacac citizens protest over student's arrest in Turkey

NEWS 04.06.2018 20:37
Source: N1

Citizens in the northern town of Gradacac protested on Monday the arrest of Selmir Masetovic, whom Turkish authorities arrested last week over suspicion that he is a member of FETO.

Masetovic, himself from Gradacac, was arrested in the Turkish town of Usak on May 22, and Bosnia’s Embassy in Turkey and the relevant Consulate have requested for him to be released pending trial.

“I did not get anything from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice. I am in contact with the Consul, but I have no concrete information,” the student’s father, Husein Masetovic, told N1.

Masetovic’s step-mother, Almira Masetovic, said she has not spoken to her step-son since the day of the arrest.

“We want to contact him, to hear that he is alive, that he is well. We got a private lawyer who said he will soon contact him,” she said.

Those protesting are united in their statement saying Masetovic is not guilty.

“I don’t know the young man, but I hope that it will all turn out well and that it will be established that he is not guilty for what they accuse him of, and that he will return,” one of the protesters, Munir Korac, told N1.

“I don’t know what happened. I came to express support for the young man. I wish him good health and to endure everything over there. I hope they don’t torture him there,” he added.

Turkey’s Prosecutors’ Office informed the General Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the arrest on May 25. Masetovic is currently held at a detention centre in Usak, Turkey.