Peace Building Network condemns anti-Semitic incidents


The Network for Peace Building strongly condemns the incidents in Sarajevo and Tuzla concerning appalling graffiti or in some cases physical attacks on members of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Jews are a part of Bosnia, its connective tissue and they’ve been here for centuries. Bosnia has been a refuge to the Jews and all its citizens, and the Jews have greatly contributed to the development of this country through their engagement,” the Network said. “Let us remember Isak Samokovlija, Emerik Blum, Oskar Danon, Laura Papo Bohoret, Daniel Ozmo and Jakob Finci, Eli Tauber, Boris Kozomjakin and many others. All of them have given an undeniable contribution to the Bosnian society which we must respect every day.”

The Network adds that the Jews made up 16 percent of Sarajevo population prior to the World War II but many of them died in the Holocaust, a suffering that began with graffiti, fights and arson, just like in the Bosnian war (1992-1995). That is why, the Network noted, it is important to warn against these incidents and not allow them to happen again.

“Bosnia is a country of all of us and we should build it as a country of equal peoples, citizens, based on multiculturalism, liberty and equality,” they said.