RS Government annuls the 2004 Srebrenica Report

Vlada RS

The RS Government annulled the 2004 Commission for Srebrenica’s Report and decided to form their own international commission to investigate the events in Srebrenica in the period July 1t – 19, 1995. The Government also rejected the deployment of any police force other than RS entity police, along the border with Serbia.

“In order to fully and truthfully review the events in Srebrenica and the region, in the period 1992-1995, and in order to strengthen the confidence and tolerance among the peoples of Bosnia, and reach the ultimate reconciliation and coexistence of the present and future generations, the RS Government establishes an independent international commission that will objectively and impartially determine the suffering of all peoples in the area of the Srebrenica region in the period 1992-1995,” said the RS Government’s conclusion.

The Government also rejected the state Security Minister and other state institutions’ attempts to deploy members of other police agencies on the territory of this entity, as unconstitutional and illegal.

They said that in accordance with the RS Constitution and entity laws, the RS Interior Ministry is the only competent institution to enforce the law and maintain security in this entity, and the Government requester the Security Ministry of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other state institutions cease all unconstitutional and illegal activities threatening the constitutional order of the RS.

The Government also ordered the RS Interior Ministry to prevent the presence and activities of any police force in the territory of the RS.

In addition, they expressed the entity’s readiness to continue to cooperate with the Border Police and provide them with all the operative assistance needed to enforce the law.

On July 11, 1995, Bosnian Serbs overran the eastern Bosnian enclave and rounded up the town’s Muslim Bosniaks, separated men from women and little children and systematically executed some 8,000 men and boys.

The war in Bosnia which lasted from 1992 to 1995, ended by the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement.