Bosnia state television reporters and van attacked in Konjic


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s state television (BHRT) team was attacked in the town of Konjic while returning from Siroki Brijeg, where they transmitted a football match between the teams of Siroki Brijeg and Sloboda.

BHRT’s driver was injured in the incident which took place Monday night and the van was damaged.

Last night, at around 12 pm, a group of some 15 masked young men, wearing red shirts and bandannas, attacked a BHRT team in Konjic. The driver of BHRT’s van was injured in the incident, the van’s windows were completely broken and the van suffered significant damage. The driver managed to escape into the Konjic Police Station,” Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Interior Ministry’s spokesperson Ljudevit Maric said.

The BHRT team reported the attack to the Konjic Police Station whose police officers are investigating the incident.