Banja Luka mufti concerned over gunshots near central mosque


Every shot fired near a mosque will be considered an attack and jeopardising of people and building around that area, said Banja Luka mufti Osman Kozlic, commenting the accident which took place earlier near a mosque in that city.

“The first information I had was that the mosque was the target. Secondly, what else to think when someone is sitting across the main mosque's entrance, firing shots in the air while facing the mosque. Every shot fired on the building such as Ferhadija (mosque) – we will consider it an attack and the jeopardising of the building and people around that area,” Kozlic told N1.

Two persons were arrested earlier in the Bosnia's northwestern city of Banja Luka under suspicion of firing shots in the vicinity of the central city mosque Ferhadija. The police said the mosque was not the target but the Islamic community representatives insisted the incident was a serious disturbance.

“Luckily it was early morning, there was no one around there. We must take this for serious,” Kozlic noted.

Kozlic expressed deep concern over the situation, linking it to the upcoming election.