Sarajevo Holiday Market brings visitors joy once again


Inspired by Christmas markets in European cities, the Bosnian capital has opened at the beginning of December its own holiday market for the eighth year in a row.

Throughout December and until January 13, the Sarajevo Holiday Market will cover the period of the season’s major celebrations, the Catholic and Serb Orthodox Christmas and New Year.

“This is important to us because citizens can, in a holiday atmosphere, spend time here with their children and all of that fits into our concept, which is turning Sarajevo into a regional centre,” said Mayor Abdulah Skaka at the opening of the Holiday Market.

He also announced that the city will organise a New Year’s programme with the goal of improving tourism further.

“This year we have the largest number of tourists since the record is kept. This is the most successful year and I hope we will end it on that note and welcome 2019 in good quality,” he said.

The Holiday Market will include a fair where visitors can buy handcrafted souvenirs and decoration, as well as fan shops of Sarajevo’s sports clubs, food, drinks and other interesting goods.

Those who are thirsty can visit the Coca-Cola Food Court within the complex.

Children have the opportunity to visit the ‘Argeta Junior Play House’, where they can play and learn together, while the ‘Jaffa’ company has set up an ice rink which will be open until February 3.

Throughout January, during the winter break in schools, ice skating there will be for free, thanks to municipal support.

The Holiday Market is located in the Hastahana park in downtown Sarajevo.