Banja Luka: Journalists gather to support a colleague who received threats


An attack on journalists is an attack on freedom of speech and democracy, said media representatives and activists who gathered on Saturday in the northern Bosnian city of Banja Luka to express support to their colleague who was a subject of recent threats.

EuroBlic daily correspondent from Banja Luka, Milkica Milojevic, received threats sent through the phone, which she reported on Thursday. Police promptly reacted and apprehended a suspect following a thorough investigation into this case.

“That was not an attack on me, as an individual. It was a threat to our whole community, a threat to my media outlet, and then a threat to the whole media community. That was a threat to citizens of this country and a threat to the freedom of speech and freedom of media reporting,” said Milojevic.

The crowd that gathered in support of the threatened journalist sent out a message saying that intimidation and violence are unacceptable. 

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“It would be normal if everyone had the right to do their job and express their opinion, without fear from violence,” said Milojevic, addressing the gathering.