Wartime Srebrenica police chief Hakija Mehonjic dies Tuesday


Wartime chief of Srebrenica police and member of the wartime Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hakija Mehonjic, died of a stroke Tuesday afternon in the Tuzla University Clinical Centre.

Mehonjic was a member of the Social Democratic Party's (SDP) Main Board until May this year when he was excluded from it.

After the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, he was an active supporter of the return of displaced people from Srebrenica and their reintegration into normal life in this eastern Bosnian municipality.

Some five years ago, media outlets across Bosnia reported that he was on Serbia's international arrest warrant along with Srebrenica's wartime commander Naser Oric and three other Bosniaks investigated and suspected of war crimes against Serb civilians in 1992, by the Serbian Prosecution.

Mehonjic then announced he would sue the Serbian government.