RS government pays 80,000 dollars a month for American firm's lobbying services


Bosnia's Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska (RS), spend 80,000 dollars a month for the lobbying services of American law firm 'McGinnis Lochridge', according to Radio Free Europe (RFE).

The US Department of Justice has published a classified document, signed by Republika Srpska Minister for Economy and Regional Cooperation Zlatan Kokic and the firm's attorney Martin T. Lutz, which contains the details on the firm's assistance to Republika Srpska authorities on several matters, including:

“RS legal rights and obligations under applicable international law including the Dayton Peace Accords (a peace treaty which ended the 1990's war in Bosnia) and other international agreements to which BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a party, such as the European Convention on Human Rights” and “Relations with international community.”

Speaking to RFE, attorney Lutz said he could not comment on the deals that the firm sign with its clients unless a client demands it.

“Our client, in this case, didn't ask us to talk to journalists about our work,” he briefly said.

The American firm based in Texas and Republika Srpska's authorities concluded the contract for a one-year period, starting January 1 this year.