Third coronavirus case in Bosnia

NEWS 06.03.2020 16:20
Source: Anadolija

Another person in Bosnia has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID - 19), officials from the public health institute of the Republika Srpska (RS) region said in a press conference on Friday.

According to RS Health Minister Alen Seranic, the patient does not show any symptoms of the disease. Family members and those who this person was in contact with are now being tested.


On Thursday, officials in the RS confirmed that a father and son had tested positive for the virus after spending time in Italy. The latest case is connected – the patient travelled to Bosnia alongside the two.

Authorities are still appealing to the public to avoid panic.

“Every citizen is obligated to provide truthful information, whether they contracted the disease or suspect them might have. If they don’t do so – it is a crime,” Seranic said.