Flour is the most sought after product during pandemic in Bosnia, website says


Flour and personal protective equipment (PPE) were the most searched and sought after products on the web in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to OLX.ba (former Pik.ba), the largest online retail service who recently published their analysis of what people searched for on their website ever since the measures combating the spread of Covid-19 were introduced.

The most searched product was definitely flour. Searches for foodstuffs jumped, on average, by 1,000 percent.

The second most searched notion was PPE, or more precisely – face masks and gloves, whose search jumped by 719 percent.

These are followed by rollerblades ( up by 485 percent), dumbbells (up by 460 percent), swings (up by 389 percent), trimmers (up by 380 percent) trampoline (up by 330 percent), and barbecue whose search rose by 350 percent.

On the other hand, the demand for vehicles was down by 74 percent and real estate by 30 percent.

The pandemic caused the most searched vehicle in the country VW's Golf 5 to experience a signifficant drop in searches and demand. The same thing happened with real estate whose sale suffered a significant decrease, the website reported.

The analysis covers the period from March 15 to April 27, and the data were compared with the period from January 31 to March 14.