HDZ BiH will not support the creation of new government in Canton 10


Following the information of the formation of the government on Bosnia's Canton 10, the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) said on Thursday said their MPs will neither be part of it nor will they support any such government.

According to the party press release, the information circulating the media over the past couple of days is incorrect and that their members will not be part of any such government. If some of them do decide to take part in its formation, they will “bear the consequences for their actions.”

“If some MPs do decide to participate in the work of that government, then they will bear on personal responsibility and on their own behalf, and not as MPs who won their mandates in the General Elections in 2018 as HDZ BiH candidates. The HDZ BiH MPs will not support the formation of a new government, without the prior consent and decision of the HDZ BiH leadership and the consent of the Cantonal Board,” HDZ BiH said adding that they also need a signed coalition agreement between the parties that would form the new majority for it to be formed.

The party called on all members to stick to the party programme, statute and decisions from party bodies, warning that all those who disobey the Party leadership's decision and break the statute will be sanctioned or expelled from the party.