Head of OSCE to Bosnia impressed with the beginning of schoolyear amid pandemic


Head of the OSCE mission to Bosnia, Kathleen Kavalec, told N1 on Thursday that the international community is impressed by what she saw on the ground when it comes to the efforts of local authorities and the system to organize the continuation of the school year.

“I think it was a great commitment from the institutions and schools’ part and we are very impressed with what we saw. We've seen numerous approaches, as well as an open-air classroom, which attracted the attention of the international public,” said Kavalec.

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She adds that this moment can be used to think about new opportunities.

“It's time to introduce new technologies and think about new opportunities and solve a lot that can be fixed. We are confident that these issues will also be successfully overcome.”

Kavalec said that sometimes there was not enough time to prepare, but that there were many positive experiences.

“Students move in their communities, we all need to adhere to the measures and we all need to do more together. People have not had time to prepare adequately, but there are many positive experiences gained.”

When asked about the closing of schools, she said that it is a measure that must be considered but if it comes to that, health institutions must be consulted.