Sarajevo University Hospital CEO: Situation threatens to break our health system

NEWS 16.10.2020 13:37
Source: FENA/Jasmin Hasečić

The situation is becoming very serious and I expect further growth in the number of cases, the CEO of Sarajevo's Clinical and University Hospital (KCUS) Sebija Izetbegovic told N1 Friday, adding that countries of the region are breaking bad records - I assume that a similar scenario awaits us, as well.

Currently, the KCUS’ Covid Treatment centre at Podhrastovi facility treats 52 patients, eight of which at the Intensive Care Unit.

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“A hundred KCUS employees are deployed to work in Podhrastovi, which is a branch of our infectious disease clinic, which means that they cannot perform their regular jobs. Over 3,000 patients, who need our service, pass through the KCUS triage tents daily. In addition to regular sick leave, vacations, now there is a problem with Covid positives and those who had contact with positive patients, so they have to self-isolate. We currently have about 30 positive cases and 17 in self-isolation, meaning a total of 47 staff are out of work due to Covid-19,” Izetbegovic told N1.

It is well known that the KCUS is the only institution in Canton Sarajevo that treats patients with Covid-19 but also provides tertiary and secondary health care.

“We're working seriously and we're dedicated to helping the sick. There is huge pressure on the KCUS. As the situation unfolds we will adapt. If the number of patients with Covid-19 increases rapidly, of course, there may be a collapse in the health system. The penetration of the virus among our employees is our greatest threat,” Izetbegovic concluded.