Bosnian rescue services found the missing single-engine aircraft


A missing aeroplane “Piper 28” belonging to Serbian company STS Avijacija was found on western Bosnian mountain Kozara, in very inhospitable terrain, rescuers told N1 Friday.

According to the Interior Ministry of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) region, the single-engine aeroplane that has gone missing Thursday at around 2 pm was found near the village Subotici, but thick fog and inhospitable terrain are making the approach difficult. They added that there are still no details as to whether there are any survivors.

Helicopters of Bosnia’s Armed Forces as well as RS services were searching for the said aeroplane with two crew members that disappeared near the northern Bosnian town of Gradiska, since Thursday.

According to rescue teams, two bodies were found at the site. One body was inside of the cockpit while the other was next to the wreckage.

The investigation into the case will be handed over to the State Prosecutors Office.