Academician: The US has a moral obligation to lead Bosnia on the right path

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Academician Esad Durakovic told N1 on Friday that he has “justifiably good” expectations from US President Joe Biden since he is a “proven friend” to Bosnia, arguing that the United States has a moral and political obligation to “lead BiH on the right path” since it was the “architect” of the 1995 Dayton Accords.

Durakovic described Joe Biden as “consistent” and said he has a sense for humanness and diplomatic manners.

He pointed out that, during the Bosnian war, Biden “strongly advocated the lifting of the arms embargo on BiH.”

“He proved to be a friend, pointing out that the victim has a right to defence. He announced a different, more positive attitude towards BiH,” Durakovic said.

“I think that America has a kind of moral and political obligation to lead BiH on the right path because America is the architect of the Dayton Accords, which proved to be dysfunctional after 25 years. The architect must see that his product does not work and that something needs to be changed,” he stressed.

According to Durakovic, any moral politician, such as Biden, is obliged to “take action to improve the situation in the country that Europe once left to aggression.”

Although he said that he is optimistic about Biden’s term, he added that Bosnian citizens should not be “euphoric” about it since the US has its own problems it has to deal with as well.

Durakovic argued that, during Donald Trump's term, it became clear that US society is “dramatically divided.”

“Seventy million people voted for him, so many voted for a leader who did not manage well on the political scene,” Durakovic said.

“America will have its own problems, and that will limit their activities in the Balkans,” he added.

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