Albanian daily: New Belgrade-Pristina agreement in 2023, recognition in 10 yrs

NEWS 18.09.2022 16:47

In 2023, a second agreement on the normalization of relations must be signed, by which Serbia practically accepts the reality of Kosovo as an independent state, but does not formally recognize it, reads the alleged plan for a new dialogue framework between Serbia and Kosovo, which was drawn up after the engagement of German and French representatives, the Albanian Post daily reported Sunday.

The daily wrote that the document states that at a later stage, after some 10 years hypothetically, when the EU is ready to expand and include the Western Balkans, an agreement on mutual recognition will be reached, as a prerequisite for the membership of both countries in the EU.

With the agreement, if the proposal is approved, Kosovo's independence will be recognized by the five EU member states that have not done so previously, and Serbia will benefit from enormous financial and economic aid and will be recognized as a power in the region.

The “new framework” is a proposal that resulted directly from the inclusion of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the dialogue process, because the document states that “Kosovo and Serbia alone will never be able to solve the problem,” the Albanian Post reported.

The four-page document contains a ten-year vision for solving the problem and provides a “macro perspective”.