Almir Dzuvo appointed as new head of Bosnia's intelligence agency


The newly elected Bosnian government appointed Almir Dzuvo as the new head of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA), one of the ministers confirmed this information to N1, on Thursday.

This officially ends the mandate of Osman Mehmedagic as director of this agency.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the government is called officially, held its third extraordinary session in Sarajevo, on Thursday, which was convened by the Chair Borjana Kristo, and it had only one item on the agenda – the dismissal and appointment of the director general, deputy director general and chief inspector of the Intelligence and Security Agency of BiH (OSA BiH).

Risto Zaric was appointed as Dzuvo's deputy and Damir Bevanda as chief inspector.

Dzuvo was the director of OSA until 2015, and after that, he was appointed ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the NATO mission in Brussels.