Authorities in Bosnia to look into allegations about Radoicic acquiring weapon in BiH

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Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina promptly reacted and announced investigation in allegations that Kosovo Serb politician and businessman Milan Radoicic, who was interrogated by Serbian institutions on Tuesday regarding the recent armed clash in Kosovo, acquired weapon, ammunition and explosives from Tuzla, BiH.

Serbian Criminal Police Directorate officers apprehended Radoicic and raided his apartment and other properties on Tuesday, followed by interrogation at the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade, where he denied the crimes he is accused of.

According to the statement, Radoicic was questioned on suspicion of having committed the crimes of conspiring to commit crimes, illegal possession and trafficking of firearms and explosives and endangering the public.

“The suspect denied committing the crimes that he is being charged with,” the Prosecution said adding that it asked a Higher Court judge to detain him because he poses a flight risk.

Serbian police arrest Milan Radoicic

According to the investigation order, Radoicic is being charged with acquiring weapons, ammunition and explosives from Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina which were delivered to him just outside Belgrade and then transported to Kosovo to be hidden in abandoned buildings. He is also suspected of heading a group of men who endangered lives in Banjska, the Prosecution press release said. Radoicic is being investigated along with a number of unidentified people.

The interrogation led the authorities in Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity, where the city of Tuzla is located, to look into the allegations.

Radoicic accepts responsibility, denies Belgrade involved in Banjska incident

“The FBiH Police Administration will take activities and check the allegations about Milan Radoicic acquiring weapon, ammunition and explosives of great destructive power from Tuzla in the period January 2023-September 2024. We will ask the authorities of the Republic of Serbia in the morning to deliver available information, and we will take measures and activities from the scope of our competencies,” said chief of police in the FBiH entity Vahidin Munjic.

Entity minister of interior Ramo Isak said he could not comment on the issue, urging competent bodies to establish the facts.

“Since we do not know yet if the information about alleged purchase of weapon on the territory of BiH is true, I cannot give precise comments on the matter,” said Isak.

Armed clashes broke out last weekend between a group of Serbs, led by former deputy leader of the Belgrade-backed Serb List Milan Radoicic, and the Kosovo Police in the Banjska village in northern Kosovo. One Kosovo police officer and three Serbs were killed.