Avalanche kills member of Bosnia's Armed Forces

NEWS 14.02.2021 14:31

A member of Bosnia’s Armed Forces died in an avalanche on the southern Bosnian mountain Prenj on Sunday.

According to the BiH Defense Ministry, the victim, with the initials R.S. was a lieutenant and served in the 5th Battalion of Logistic Support and was not on duty at the time of his death.

R. S. was killed by a small avalanche as he was ascending the top of Cetina on the mountain alongside another alpinist who is not in a life-threatening condition. A rescue operation is underway and the help of the Armed Forces Helicopter Service has been requested, but the helicopter cannot take off due to the bad weather conditions.

“The Armed Forces of BiH, in cooperation with the competent civilian bodies, are taking all possible measures with all available means to retrieve the body of their killed member as soon as possible,” the Ministry said.


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