Banja Luka authorities declare state of emergency over water shortage

NEWS 03.07.2022 13:15
Source: N1

Authorities of the northern city of Banja Luka, the second largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have declared the state of emergency in some neighborhoods over the water shortage and have introduced the water supply cuts for those parts of the city.

Mayor Drasko Stanivukovic told a press conference that some households had no water supply for 15 to 20 days already.

“We cannot solve all the problems using a magic wand but we must take measures,” the mayor said, stressing that the city and utility services can do their part but that citizens should also behave appropriately.

“We can all do a lot more, the solution lies in all of us,” he added.

The citizens who lack water will be provided with water tanks. Stanivukovic urged the citizens to use water “rationally.”

“Some are watering their farms, yards, even the roofs. Such behaviour is not allowed or desired in such situation. We know this is the 21st century but we need water for drinking, for cattle, for hygiene,” he stressed.

The mayor called for the solidarity in the upcoming period which will, according to him, be difficult.


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