Bears increasingly enter populated Sarajevo areas, posing risk to residents

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Over the last couple of days, bears came down from the forests into populated areas of Sarajevo on two occasions and a few days earlier a bear was hit by a train in Hadzici. The President of the Sarajevo Hunting Association, Muriz Bukva, warned on Monday both the public and the authorities that there is currently an “infestation of bears” and that it is already a serious problem that must be taken into account.

Yesterday around 11:00 am, a family in Barice was terrified when a bear climbed into their attic. It also destroyed their apiary.

“We were there, but we couldn't do anything because it was foggy and everything was overgrown with grass,” Bukva told N1.

The bear was also seen on Monday in Faletici. According to Bukva, it passed by the elementary school 30 meters away, on the right bridge next to the Moscanica River.

Bukva noted that darting a bear is also a dangerous situation for human life.

“In order to tranquillize a bear, one has to approach it, and a bear is most dangerous when you hit it with a tranquillizer,” Bukva added.

The bears also caused damage to the Sarajevo hunting association.

“They destroyed five feeders that cost some €300. They are curious animals. Also, our cameras were damaged due to weather conditions. We haven't had a single camera operational for the last 10 days,” Bukva complained and sent a message to the authorities that it is time to spend a little more funds on animal protection.

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