Becirovic proposes action plan to implement EC's 14 Key Priorities for BiH


Denis Becirovic, one of Bosnia's three Presidency members, wants the institution to discuss a proposal of conclusions for the adoption of an action plan to fulfil the 14 key priorities from the Opinion of the European Commission on BiH’s applications for EU membership.

Becirovic said this proposal sends a clear message that the declarative consensus on EU integration must be turned into action toward EU membership.

“With specific measures and deadlines for fulfilling the conditions, the institutions of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina will commit to the implementation of the obligations established by the action plan, in accordance with the priorities from the Opinion of the European Commission. By signing the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, Bosnia and Herzegovina committed to the gradual harmonization of its legislation with the EU acquis as well as its consistent application,” Becirovic stated.

“The European Council's decision of December 15, 2022 on the granting of candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a strong incentive. At the same time, this decision is also an obligation for the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lower levels of government to rapidly continue the reform processes that will enable the opening of negotiations for EU membership and have a favourable effect on the economic, social, political, security, cultural and other aspects of the life of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he added.

He added that he previously discussed the proposal with EU Special Representative in BiH, Johan Sattler, who expressed support for it.