BiH Armed Forces member leaves service after Constitutional Court confirms ban on wearing hijab

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A member of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSBIH) Emela Mujanovic who sued the state for barring her from wearing a headscarf during service, announced on her Facebook account that she is leaving the Armed Forces.

“In a few days, there, officially, won't be a single covered woman in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because I'm leaving the Army soon. I was put in a situation where I had to choose between my profession and the hijab… (By a covered woman, I mean a woman who wears a head scarf both on and off duty)”, she said.

“Bosniaks, not to call names and other fellow citizens, are you proud of this decision, that is, the verdict, banning the hijab! You say you all want coexistence, but you cannot tolerate the religion of your fellow citizens! Pride march is supported but the hijab is not. The country is not built on the basis of injustice towards one group of its citizens! It is not my Bosnia that is to blame, but those who rule with it.”

Mujanovic has been in dispute with the state for a long time due to the ban on wearing hijab in military service. At the BiH Constitutional Court’s 140th plenary session held on January 18, it was decided that the ban on wearing a headscarf in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not constitute a violation of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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