BiH Chief Prosecutor's brother arrested for car theft

NEWS 25.05.202315:57 0 komentara
Danko Kajganić

The police officers of the Banja Luka Police Administration handed over individuals A.G. and D.K. to the police officers of Odzak Police Administration on suspicion of car theft in the area of Orasje, the Banjaluka Police Department said Thursday.

Beta Agency learned from the Republika Srpska (RS) entity police that Danko Kajganic, brother of the BiH Chief Prosecutor, Milanko Kajganic, was arrested, and that the other arrested person was Aljosa Galic.

“In cooperation with the police officers of the Gradiska Police Department, Banja Luka police officers carried out operational activities in connection with the letter from the Odzak Police Department regarding the criminal offence of ‘aggravated theft’ committed on April 13 in the Odzak municipality, when a passenger vehicle ‘Jaguar’ was stolen. “, Banja Luka Police Department said.

They added that A.G. and D.K. were arrested on Wednesday and that they are searching for one more individual. Banjaluk police added that parts of the stolen passenger vehicle were found in the Laktasi area.

All measures and actions were taken with the consent of the Banja Luka on-duty prosecutor and the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of the Posavina Canton in Orasje.