BiH Defence Minister investigates army elders for attending RS Day

NEWS 10.01.202219:40 0 komentara

Bosnia’s Defence Ministry initiated an investigation into the presence of members of the ministry and the country's Armed Forces elders at the celebration of January 9, the unconstitutional Day of Republika Srpska entity, N1 learned Monday.

According to N1’s sources the Minister of Defense of BiH, Sifet Podzic, asked the Chief of the Joint Staff of Bosnia’s Armed Forces to take action regarding the presence of certain officials of this institution at the celebration of the unconstitutional Day of the Republika Srpska (RS).

An investigation into the presence of BiH Deputy Defence Minister Mirko Okolic, Deputy Chief of Staff of the AFBiH Gojko Knezevic, AFBiH Operational Command Commander Major General Radovan Ilic, as well as three brigadiers, two generals and the commander of the Sixth Brigade in Banja Luka and Commander Milorad Krajsumovic. 3rd Infantry Regiment (RS) and Brigadier Zoran Dunovic, Deputy Commander of the BiH Armed Forces Support Command for Operations at the events on January 9, was initiated.

Considering the information that certain soldiers, elders and civilians were not present at their posts in the Ministry on Monday, N1 learned that they took a day off and will not be able to present that day as a holiday at the end of the month.

Also, Minister Sifet Podzic issued an order to AFBiH General Senad Masovic to initiate proceedings against the elders and to propose sanctions that may be within his or the ministerial competence or may be forwarded to the competent judicial institutions.