BiH election watchdog orders recount for several Mostar polling stations

Source: N1

Bosnian election watchdog ordered a recount, on Sunday, of ballots from seven regular polling stations in Mostar, adding that authorised observers will be present during the Monday's recount.

After considering the report of the chief controller for processing and entering the election results of the local elections in Mostar, the Main Counting Centre was ordered to count the ballots by political entities to determine the number of invalid ballots from five polling stations, the Central Election Commission said.

The Commission ordered the verification of the number of votes received by “Stay Here – Together for Our Mostar” political entity from one of the polling stations.

The Commission also ordered that ballot boxes from two polling stations with counted ballots be opened and that it be determined whether they contained ballots for the level of the city constituency 199, that those votes be counted, determined and the results be included with other results.


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