BiH Foreign Minister: Everyone agrees Western Balkans’ place is in EU

NEWS 22.05.202317:36 0 komentara

Bosnia’s Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic participated in the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) in Brussels, on Monday, at the invitation of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. In a statement to the media, Konakovic said that all participants in the meeting agree that the Western Balkans belong within the EU.

“Because of Ukraine, there is momentum to resolve things faster than before. All the opponents of the enlargement policy fell silent, they all unanimously advocated the issue of expanding the EU to the Western Balkans, which is an opportunity for us,” Konakovic said.
“It is very important for BiH that the country is a candidate and other countries have their own status. A new form of conversation was imposed, which could be an advantage,” he added.

The Minister also noted that the different approach of the new BiH government was confirmed.

“We are aware that BiH has done almost nothing in the last 10 years to fulfil the 14 EU priorities, but I said in my speech that Europe has not done anything either, so this sign of awakening is a positive signal.”

Speaking about Republika Srpska (RS) entity President Milorad Dodik’s trip to Moscow where he is expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, Konakovic said:

“We proved that from January to May, we have 100 percent harmonized the BiH’s foreign policy with the views of the EU in the part in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible. I don’t expect that we can approach the example of Dodik or (BiH Serb Presidency member Zeljka) Cvijanovic when it comes to traditional relationships. They don’t bring anything positive to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but on the other side, we have partners who voted for important reform laws with us in the Government. We move between two extremes and seek what is best for the citizens of BiH.”