Bihac residents say they are “afraid to leave their homes” because of migrants

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Locals in the northwestern Bosnian town of Bihac who witnessed the stabbing of a 34-year-old man on Friday said they are afraid to leave their homes because of the migrants who arrived in their neighbourhood after the Lipa migrant camp burned down in late December.

Police in Bihac were informed about the stabbing of a local man in the Cazinska street in Bihac on Friday evening. Officers found the victim who suffered stab wounds in the stomach area at the crime scene.


The Spokesperson of the Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry, Ale Siljdedic, said police found three Moroccan migrants at the scene and took them in for questioning.

According to a neighbour of the victim, migrants stabbed the man during a confrontation.

“We already have problems with them (migrants). They come and sleep in this abandoned house. The police react, but in vain, they come back again,” she said.

She explained that the migrants were staying in the nearby house and that the victim tried to chase them away because residents were afraid.

“He yelled at them, charged at them, everything happened so fast. I opened the window and he yelled to me ‘call the police, call the ambulance, I have been stabbed’,” she said, adding that she went out to help him. “I was in a state of shock, stabbed in the head and stomach.”

She stressed that locals in the neighbourhood live in fear because of the migrants.

“We are afraid. We can’t leave our homes. Especially because there is no lighting in the evening, pitch darkness in our street. Children are afraid as well,” she said.

Another local woman explained that street lights have not been working in the neighbourhood since New Year’s Eve.

“This benefits them,” she said of the migrants.

“I heard a loud noise. I heard my neighbour from across the street yelling, calling neighbours for help,” she said, claiming that three migrants stabbed the man.

“One of them ran away while the others locked themselves in the house where they were staying. When the police came, they wouldn’t leave the house. After some ten minutes police managed to pull them out,” she explained.

The migrants came to the neighbourhood after the Lipa camp, near the town, burned down in late December, she said.

“They came here, we called the police several times. The police kick them out, but after ten minutes they return,” she said, adding that the migrants use the nearby house “as if it was their own.”

“They go shopping, come back, enter through the window,” she said.