BiH's UN Amb: Russia shifting focus from Ukraine with propaganda about BiH

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Statements coming from Russia regarding alleged weapons being smuggled to Bosnia are untrue and represent an attempt by Vladimir Putin’s regime to shift the focus away from the developments on the battlefield and Russian losses, Bosnia’s UN Ambassador, Sven Alkalaj, told N1.

“Russia’s spokespersons want there to be less focus on Ukraine, the losses of the Russian army and the events on the battlefield, so they want to shift the focus and activities to other areas, knowing that, because of Putin's supporters in our region, it is easy to put forward this narrative,” Alkalaj said, noting that similar propaganda can be seen frequently in Russian media, such as RT.


He said that it is important to note that this narrative “immediately connects” weapons that are supposedly smuggled to “Muslims here, terrorism” in Russian propaganda.

Alkalaj said that, while Russia does have a right to veto decisions in the UN Security Council, there is a procedure regarding it.

“The country that submits a veto must go before all the member countries of the General Assembly, 193 of them, and it must provide a very strong explanation for why it did so. Such a session is held 10 days after the veto,” he explained.

The UN Ambassador also commented on the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Belgrade and Pristina, saying that Belgrade’s position on introducing sanctions against Russia represents a big problem that must be solved.

“Vucic is sitting on two or three chairs. The third one is Chinese, but it is not important in this constellation of forces. That is more due to economic reasons. It is important whether you are with the EU or not,” he said.

He said that the ‘Open Balkan’ initiative is a “trap” and an “imaginary and political thing without any concrete results.”

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