Bono Vox filming documentary about Sarajevo, produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon

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Bono Vox sa partnericom (F.Z./N1)

The frontman of the Irish mega-popular band U2, Bono Vox, is filming the documentary "Kiss the Future" about the 1997 concert that this legendary band held in Sarajevo. It is particularly interesting to note that the producers of this film are American actors and producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Pročitaj više

It is important to note that in his documentary, Bono will show the first “link” of the U2 band in 1993 during his “Zoo TV” tour. Namely, after the American director and humanitarian worker Bill Carter got in touch with the band in an attempt to draw attention to the siege of Sarajevo, U2 organized satellite links at their concerts through which the people of Sarajevo could be heard live during the concerts.

Given that he was visiting Ukraine, Kyiv, that is where the idea to shoot this documentary arose, he told IndiWire.

The documentary lasts two hours and shows people who had to live under the shelling of Sarajevo for three and a half years.