Borrell: EU must avoid Bosnia falling apart into pieces

Josep Borrell
Josep Borrell (Kenzo Tribouillard/Pool via REUTERS)

Separatist rhetoric is threatening Bosnia’s integrity and the EU must find a way to end the political crisis and prevent the country from falling apart, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said on Monday.

Borrell made the statement ahead of the meeting between EU foreign ministers where the situation in BiH will be discussed.


“Do not dismiss the importance of what is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is going to take an important part of our meeting today, because the nationalist and separatist rhetoric is increasing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and jeopardising the stability and even the integrity of the country,” Borrell said.

He said that EU foreign affairs ministers “will have to take a decision on how to stop these dynamics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to avoid that the country can fall apart in pieces.”

“This is a critical situation, and the Ministers will have to take some decisions about it,” the EU High Representative stressed.

Borrell will present the conclusions of today's meeting later in the afternoon.