Bosnia and Italy to soon mutually recognize driver's licenses

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Bosnia’s Council of Ministers approved the Draft Agreement between BiH and Italy on the mutual recognition of driver's licenses, after 12 years of unsuccessful attempts at harmonization, the Ministry of Communications and Transport announced.

The decision was made on the proposal of the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Forto.

Next comes the submission of the Draft Agreement to the BiH Presidency and the determination of the signatories, and then the signing, which depends on the readiness of the Italian side. The Agreement should enter into force after its ratification in both countries.

”Thanks to this agreement, our citizens living in Italy will be able to exchange valid BiH driver's licenses for the same Italian documents without first passing the theoretical and practical part of the driving test, as well as vice versa. This is of great importance for BiH citizens living and working in Italy, especially those whose daily work is related to driving a motor vehicle,” said Minister Forto.

According to the agreement, the contracting parties mutually recognize valid driver's licenses in favour of their owners who acquire permanent residence in the territory of the other country.

A driver's license issued by the competent authorities of one of the contracting parties ceases to be valid in the territory of the other party one year after its owner acquires the right of permanent residence in the territory of the other contracting party.

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