Bosniak and Croat Presidency members condemn arrest of BiH citizen in Serbia

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Serbia’s arrest of Bosnian citizen Edin Vranj is new in a series of calculated persecutions of citizens of BiH by the Serbian authorities, abusing the principle of universal jurisdiction in the prosecution of war crimes, Bosniak and Croat Presidency members Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic wrote in a joint statement, on Monday, adding that the goal is to revise the truth about the war in Bosnia and to equalize the warring parties when it comes to crimes committed. Pročitaj više

“The fact that, on the one hand, the Serbian authorities are protecting convicted war criminal Novak Djukic, as well as a number of suspects in the Srebrenica genocide and other crimes, while, on the other hand, continuously arrests members of the then Republic of BiH armed and police forces, clearly indicates that the goal is not the prosecution of war crimes, but selective persecution with political motives,” the statement said.

They further state that the political background of such actions of the Serbian authorities has already been revealed by courts in European countries, which, acting on the basis of Serbian indictments and arrest warrants in the Ganic and Divjak cases, stated that these were politically motivated indictments and that they would not have a fair and honest trial in Serbia.

“If there is a basis for suspicion when it comes to Edin Vranj, all allegations should be investigated by the judicial authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which in cooperation with other state bodies have the obligation to get involved in this case and request his extradition If they refuse to extradite BiH citizens to its judiciary, Serbian authorities will send an unequivocal message that Serbia is a hostile environment for BiH citizens not guaranteeing them any legal security, but only wants to persecute the defenders of Bosnia from aggression,” Komsic and Dzaferovic wrote, noting that Serbia is a signatory to the Dayton Peace Agreement, which ended the 1992-1995 war in the country, “as an aggressor party because international peace agreements are signed exclusively by participants in international armed conflicts.”

They added that it is obvious that “the same Serbia (that signed the Agreement) continues to implement its war plan through the persecution of BiH citizens.”

Serbian police arrested a former high-ranking official of the Police Administration in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, Edin Vranj, as he crossed the Serbian border on Sunday afternoon.

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