Bosniak Presidency member calls Serb counterpart to go back to constructive work

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Predsjedništvo BiH

Sefik Dzaferovic, the Bosniak member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, said it was about time for Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik to get back to constructive work instead of blocking the state institutions. He said Dodik was heading in “a very dangerous direction.”

The comment comes after a series of Dodik's statements and the latest one along the same lines in which he threatened with bringing up the topic of the independence of Republika Srpska – Bosnia's Serb-majority region where Dodik's SNSD is the ruling party.

On Saturday, Dodik called for the boycott of the institutions at the state level, including the state judiciary and the Indirect Taxation Authority.

“This is a hoax for the Serbs. Having to obey Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Constitutional Court, an absolute hoax by European Union, America and all those who are telling us here persistently,” Dodik said in response to the latest decision by Bosnia's Constitutional Court, which disputed the RS Law on Forests according to which the forestry land in that part of BiH was named the property of Republika Srpska.

Dodik strongly objected the decision, stressing that there is no place in the world where a constitutional court would deal with such matters, stressing that “at this stage” Republika Srpska should dismiss any decision Bosnia's Constitutional Court might make.

Similar to that, he deems that all the decisions imposed by the High Representative in BiH, should be dismissed as well.

“My stances will be radical. I will demand that all decisions imposed by the High Representatives are revoked, that we return to the original Dayton (Agreement – the peace deal which ended the 1992-95 war and which contains the country's Constitution), and if that does not happen, to go to the (RS) National Assembly in six months and declare independence,” he stressed.

In response to Dodik's announcement, Dzaferovic said the ultimatum will never work, not in six months or ever.

“International law, Bosnian patriots and Euro-Atlantic community have more than enough of power to stop that,” he said.

Dzaferovic noted that Republika Srpska is an entity that exists in line with the Dayton Agreement but if Dodik attempts to leave that framework it can only lead to the disappearance of this entity, while the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to exist as it even before the Dayton Agreement.

“That's why I advice the political options in the RS entity to preserve Bosnia and Herzegovina the way it is now,” he added.

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