Bosniak Presidency member: Roma are a natural part of BiH’s multi-ethnic society

NEWS 08.04.2021 12:55
Sefik Dzaferovic
Source: N1

Congratulating the International Romani Day, April 8, the Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic said Thursday that they are a natural part of Bosnia’s multi-ethnic society.

“Roma citizens of BiH have all their rights guaranteed according to the Constitution, as all other human beings and it is the obligation of all institutions and society as a whole to eliminate all discrimination and provide equal opportunities to all,” Dzaferovic noted.

“The BiH we want is a country in which all its people will have equal rights, regardless of their identity, origin, social or any other status,” he added in his message on the occasion of International Romani Day.

The Presidency member concluded his congratulatory message saying he fully supports the demand of BiH Roma representatives regarding the improvement of the position of this minority in the society.


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