Bosnian Armed Forces member offered Ministry of Defense position after hijab controversy

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Emela Mujanovic, a member of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSBIH), who was set to leave her position due to wearing a hijab, will not lose her employment.

Defense Minister Zukan Helez stated that he offered Mujanovic a job within the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I welcomed Emela Mujanovic like my own daughter and tried everything we could, but the Constitutional Court's ruling tied my hands. You know that power is divided into legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The top judicial authority ruled against Elma Mujanovic’s request, but we agreed that she wouldn't lose her job. She will be employed in the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she can fully practice her religious beliefs,” said Helez.

To recall, on January 18 of this year, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided during its 140th plenary session that the prohibition of wearing headscarves in the Armed Forces does not constitute a violation of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sabina Cudic, a representative of the “Our Party,” submitted an initiative to amend the existing regulations to allow female soldiers in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina to wear hijabs. However, this initiative was rejected in a meeting of the Joint Committee for Defense and Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a statement to N1, Cudic remarked that “the decision to ban hijabs in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina discriminates against women since men are allowed to have beards.”

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