Bosnian, convicted in Serbia for war crimes, to soon be released


The Court of Appeal in Belgrade reduced the sentence of a former member of the Army of the then-Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH), Husein Mujanovic, from ten to four and a half years in prison, for abusing Serb prisoners in the ARBiH military prison in Hrasnica near Sarajevo during the war 1992-1995 in Bosnia.

The Court of Appeal “overturned the first-instance verdict against the defendant Husein Mujanovic sentencing him to a prison term of 4 years and 6 months for committing the criminal offence of war crime against the civilian population from Article 142, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia.”

Mujanović was arrested in July 2018 at the border crossing between BiH and Serbia, which means that, according to this verdict, he will soon be released.

According to the original indictment, there were close to 30 Serbian prisoners in the prison in Hrasnica in the period from July 8 to October 15, 1992, which was run by the ARBiH.

According to the indictment, the prisoners were kept in poor conditions and abused. Some of them were beaten in a nearby shelter, and six of them died as a result of the beating. Mujanovic was accused of personally beating two prisoners who survived.


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