Bosnian cure for Covid waiting for approval, patients say it saved their lives

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Sabina Aganovic found out she was coronavirus positive in July this year, when, she told N1 on Sunday, she thought she would have died had it not been for the drug called Enkorten, developed by the Bosnian pharmaceutical company called Bosnialijek. Pročitaj više

Fourteen days after she was admitted to the Sarajevo Covid clinic “Podhrastovi,” who was suggested taking Enkorten which was in clinical trials at the moment – which she agreed to.

“I thought in those moments that I wouldn't survive because I couldn't even pick up the phone. I couldn't move. I said I had nothing to lose, that I didn't feel well, and if the doctor recommended it to me, I would agree to it. The doctor said that everyone who took it felt good and I agreed then,” Aganovic tod N1.

Merhunis Subasa-Kaljanac expressed her gratitude to the staff of this clinic as well. Together with Sabina, she is one of 120 patients from all over BiH who agreed to be tested for Encorten.

“Already after the first vaccine my fever dropped and I started to feel much better. I received a total of four vaccines. Whenever I received the vaccine I felt slight side effects: headache, malaise. they lasted five up to fifteen minutes, depending on when I received the drug. Then after that, I got better and better. I received four injections and on the fifth day I was fine and they let me go home,” said Subasa-Kaljanac.

Bosnialijek representatives pointed out that the study was licensed by Bosnia's Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, which is responsible for the conduct of clinical studies, and that this is the only clinical study on Covid conducted in BiH.

“When an enemy like the coronavirus attacks the body, the body defends itself with a very powerful ‘weapon’ of inflammation or a cytokine storm. The cure for that cytokine storm is Encorten. This drug modulates and alters the excessive inflammatory response and stops the severe inflammatory process in the lungs,” said Dr. Aziz Sukalo, Marketing Director of Bosnalijek.

In order for Encorten to be approved for the treatment of Covid-19 patients, the state drug agency now needs to draw a conclusion based on the report of the company which performed the statistical data processing, after which it will approve or ban this medicine.

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