Bosnian Jezero municipality first to become twin town with a Japanese community

NEWS 30.06.202217:44 0 komentara
Dušan Kecman

The central municipality of Jezero is the first community from Bosnia and Herzegovina to sign a twinning agreement with a local community in Japan. The agreement was made official on Thursday in an online/onsite ceremony.

“The signing of the Twinning Agreement in the Municipality of Jezero was attended by the Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Makoto Ito, while at the same time, the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan, Mr. Sinisa Berjan, was present in the Municipality of Susami,” according to the statement issued by the Jezero municipality administration.

The special tie between Jezero and Susami, a municipality in the country of the rising sun was initiated by the Bosnian ambassador.

“The Municipality of Jezero and the Municipality of Susami share many similarities in many different segments, such as tourism, forestry, fishing, nature conservation, preservation of history and the desire to improve and create better living conditions for their citizens,” the statement said.

The similarities include the same population density, forest coverage, potentials in tourism, fishing, and being situated on river banks.

As for peculiarities, the municipality of Jezero is also known for a crater on Mars being named after this town, while the municipality of Susami has a mailbox at the bottom of the sea, ten metres underwater.

After the agreement signing ceremony, Jezero mayor Snezana Ruzicic and Susami mayor Cucomi Ivota exchanged gifts, with a traditional stringed musical instrument Gusle being the present from the Bosnian municipality and a large sifhing flag ‘Tairioki’ the gift from Japan's partner city.