BiH NBA player Jusuf Nurkic visits the “Bosnian pyramids”

NEWS 28.06.202116:23 0 komentara

One of the best Bosnian basketball players currently playing for the Portland Trail Blazers Jusuf Nurkic visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko on Monday, which is just outside the nation's capital where he said the number one tennis player Novak Djokovic told him to visit the Ravne Park and the archaeological site managed by Semir Osmanagic.

“Djokovic was one of the first to invite me to come to the pyramids. It's a bit little ironic that a man from another country called me and said I should come here. I'm sorry I didn't come earlier,” Nurkic said.

“I’ve travelled over the world a lot, and I wouldn’t want to be pretentious, but this is fascinating, so much love, so much kindness, the people who work here. I would like all Bosnians and Herzegovinians to come. This is an amazing feeling. I’ve packed so much the negative ions for my return to America, this is an unforgettable experience,” Nurkic added.
The BiH basketball player also said that no one will regret coming here.

He announced the arrival of other NBA stars.

“People should come here. It is important for the history of our country. I’m so emotional right now. I would love for everyone to experience this. It’s interesting, the tunnels, the park, six pyramids… All the people here have their stories. A man said that he sees better – really – if even 1 percent of the people are better, this is unprecedented,” said Nurkic.
“My favourite thing is that Dr Osmanagic didn’t say that they treating people here or that they are above medical doctors. I'm fascinated. This is fascinating,” he said.

Nurkic announced the arrival of Damien Lillard, the best player of the Portland team, as well as other NBA players.
“I won't mention names, but during the NBA season, I had questions about whether the pyramids exist. It is definitely true that Lillard's arrival is also planned, if not this year, next year, the Europeans from the NBA will come for sure,” said Nurkic.