Bosnian taking his pilgrimage to Mecca on foot from Austria is now in Serbia

Enver Beganović (Foto: Info Leader Media - Anadolija)

Enver Beganovic, a Bosnian living in Austria, has now reached Sjenica, in Serbia, on his pilgrimage to Mecca on foot, Anadolu Agency reported.

N1 also previously spoke with Beganovic on the 42nd day of his journey, when he was passing through Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ovoga puta, sa Enverom je razgovarala ekipa Anadolije u Sjenici na Pešterskoj visoravni gdje je napravio kraću pauzu.

Beganović kaže da je sam nacrtao rutu kretanja i da će mu do cilja trebati najmanje sedam mjeseci i sedam dana.

“I started from Wels, I didn't take the shortest route. I made the travel plan myself and chose the path, I had to adapt. I will pass through some countries of the former Yugoslavia, I stopped by Cazin, where I was born, I went to Istria, I visited my mother and relatives,” he said, adding that the trip includes passing through 12 countries.

Beganovic says that he has been preparing for this venture for half a year and that he covers from 35 to 60 kilometres a day, depending on the weather conditions.

“My goal is to reach Mecca by June 15. I was inspired by the fact that I felt that I had drifted away from the faith. I needed a little more time for myself, I felt that I should reevaluate my life. This way of life today is imposed on me and I felt more and more distant from the faith. My parents taught me to believe and to pray to God and to be grateful to him,” said Beganovic, who was born in Cazin but has lived in Austria for decades.

Beganovic is married and has four children. He says he is overwhelmed by the reactions of the people he meets during his journey. From Serbia, he will continue towards North Macedonia.


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