Bosnia's FBiH Commodity Reserves still without procurement plan for 2022

NEWS 24.02.2022 15:27

Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity Commodity Reserve Directorate did not propose a Procurement Programme for 2022, the Directorate told N1 Thursday, adding that the reason for this is that the FBiH Budget for 2022 was never adopted.

“It is certain that the escalation of the conflict in the east of Europe will lead to certain problems in the supply, especially of cereals. The FBiH Government has foreseen the amount of 20 million Bosnian marks in 2022 for the needs of commodity stocks. Putting commodity reserves into function, ie their engagement will be the subject of discussion at the FBiH Government sessions, on which certain decisions will be made,” Director of the Directorate Tonci Bavrka told N1.

On February 16, the FBiH government announced that there were goods worth 30 million marks in reserves. Today, Prime Minister Fadil Novalic announced a thematic session of the Government, which should be held on Monday, on the prevention of the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis on the economy in the FBiH, which, as he said, were felt during the past weeks.


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