Bosnia's FBiH entity extends gas supply contract with Russia

Izvor: REUTERS/Wojciech Kardas/Agencja Gazeta

Considering that the contract of Energoinvest BiH as a natural gas supplier with Russian Gazprom expired Wednesday, there was a possibility that BiH would be left without gas supply from Russia, but Energoinvest told N1 that the contract was extended and annexe signed.

“Energoinvest, as the gas supplier for the Federation (FBiH) entity, informs the public that an annexe was signed yesterday on the extension of the contract for the supply of natural gas with the Russian supplier Gazprom. By signing this annexe, the basic contract was signed in the usual way, which means that the price for delivered gas will be adjusted quarterly as before, exclusively on the basis of a nine-month change in the price of petroleum products, “said Energoinvest BiH.

They add that the signing of this annexe enables the further uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the FBiH until January 1, 2023, when it is planned to sign a new annexe to the contract and continue the delivery of natural gas.

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