Bosnia's Federation authorities greenlight construction of another wind park

NEWS 13.10.2022 17:52

The authorities in Bosnia's Federation entity greenlighted the construction of another wind park near Glamoc in the southwest of the country and the new plant should have a capacity of 160-gigawatt hours of electricity a year.

The Vjetroelektrane company plans to build a wind farm with eight wind turbines in Dzeva, the location five kilometres from Glamoč. They will have a power of 46 megawatts and produce about 160 gigawatt hours of electricity a year.

The entity's authorities said that the construction of wind parks is an important segment of developing electricity supplies from renewable energy sources and an important incentive for this relatively poorly developed municipality and canton.

Ten more similar power plants are planned to be built in Canton 10, since this area has a great wind energy potential.


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