Bosnia's Federation entity a step closer to government formation


Lidija Bradara, the President of Bosnia's Federation entity (FBiH) passed a decision on Thursday, confirming the appointment of ministers in the Federation Government, which now needs to be endorsed by two vice-presidents and the House of Representatives.

Based on the agreement on the formation of government between the Croat HDZ BiH party and other parties that compose new parliamentary majority gathered around the SDP, People and Justice (NiP) and Our Party, the candidate for the FBiH Prime Minister is SDP leader Nermin Niksic.

According to the same decision, Toni Kraljevic (HDZ BiH) was nominated for the Finance Minister, Vojin Mijatovic (SDP) for the Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Almin Hopovac (SDP) for the Minister of the Internal Affairs, Vedran Skobic (HDZ BiH) for the Minister of Justice, while Adis Bubalo (SBIH) is the candidate for the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry.

Furthermore, Sanja Vlaisavljevic (HDZ BiH) was nominated for the Minister of Culture and Sports, Andrijana Katic (HDZ BiH) for the Minister of Transport and Communications, Nerin Dizdar (SDP) for the Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Hasan Handzic (SBiH) for the Minister of Veterans, and Milenko Bevanda (HDZ BiH) for the Minister of Health.

If the decision goes through, the duties of the Minister of Education and Science will be performed by Vedran Lakic (SDP), the Minister of Trade by Anel Kljako (NES), the Minister of Labour and Social Policy by Adnan Delic (NiP), the Minister of Environment and Tourism by Nasiha Pozder (Our Party), the Minister of Spatial Planning by Zeljko Nedic (HDZ BiH) and the Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry by Zuhad Porcic (NES).

The deadline for the formation of the new FBiH Government, following the October 2022 elections, is April 6.